Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's good for the goose...

I saw a post on a liberal page on Facebook criticizing Republicans for thinking the nation would be better off if everyone had guns and nobody had health care. The Republicans don't have a monopoly on idiocy, though. To their credit, they haven't been applying anti-gun arguments to health care coverage. Imagine if they did:

"Nobody needs that!"

"What do you want it for? What kind of injury or disease are you planning to get?"

"You're paranoid! People only get sick in the movies."

"If you want to be in a hospital, go work in one."

"Have you been properly trained to handle this health care? You should have to take a class so you don't do something stupid like running out and getting your limbs amputated as soon as you get your health insurance."

"You shouldn't be allowed to have health insurance, because someone might steal it and use it illegally."

"You should have to go through intensive screening first to prove to society that you're not going to abuse this privilege: a criminal background check, a psychological test, character references, and a signed letter from the director of your local health department certifying you to use health insurance."

"Health insurance doesn't keep you from getting sick! It just puts more people in the hospital."

"Studies show that you're more likely to die in a hospital if you have health insurance than if you don't. You're safer not having it."

"You're a coward. Only pussies sit around worrying about getting sick."

"If you avoid risky behaviors and don't do things you're not supposed to, you won't get sick or injured in the first place."

"You think having health insurance will make you immortal. It won't!"

"I can see having insurance to cover sports injuries, but covering injuries from violence will just encourage more violence."

"Studies show that doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are more likely than the general population to abuse prescription drugs. That just proves they're not safe for anybody. We should end prescription drug coverage."

"I've got an idea: we let people go to the doctor, but we charge 'em $5,000 for an aspirin. That way, nobody will go unless they REALLY NEED to!"

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